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Soul Healing


Every soul has a story, a unique journey to take deep inside. It is very understandable that this journey can sometimes be hindered by old wounds, beliefs and blockages.

In my energetic healing sessions I work intuitively and combine various healing techniques, adapted to your personal needs, to open the gates to self-discovery and healing. I listen to the whispers of your soul and bring professional guidance to every session.


Discover your deepest self on your soul's journey, back to your Sacred Soul. Let me guide you to the depths of your being, where true healing takes place. Open your heart and find your voice.

what is soul healing

Soul Healing is an intuitive energetic healing session that can take place in my studio, but also remotely. Everything is energy, who we are and everything around us, that is why distance healing is just as effective!

An energetic healing session can help you remove blockages so that your life energy can flow freely. These blockages can appear in your life as all kinds of pain, lethargy, little motivation, the feeling that you are stuck, little self-confidence, lack of self-love.

what is an energetic healing session

An energetic healing session is based on the principle that every living being has an energetic field around it. When this energy is in balance, we feel healthy and vital. But sometimes these energy flows become blocked, which can lead to physical, emotional and spiritual imbalance.

what can soul healing do for you

Soul healing offers numerous benefits. It can help reduce stress, anxiety and pain, and promote inner peace and emotional balance. It helps you let go of negative patterns and beliefs so that you can grow. Furthermore, it can deepen your spiritual journey and help you get more in touch with your inner wisdom.

This is a completely relaxing healing of 90 minutes, in my Sacred Space or online

On Tuesdays & Wednesdays you can schedule the session yourself via the calendar. Do you want a different day or time? Please complete the contact form below.

  • Available Online

    1 hr 30 min

    177 euro
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